Border to border  2017
Rajalta Rajalle -hiihto

  RR1  RR2  RR3  RR4 

from 9. March
to 15. March 2017

from 10. March
to 16. March 2017

from 11. March
to 17. March 2017

from 12. March
to 18. March 2017





Border to Border, RR -hiihto / Entrance

Your entrance must be left yearly 31.12. latest by using this form or e-mail, fax to following addresses:
RR -hiihto, Ranuan Kunta, Aapiskuja 6B, 97700 RANUA.

fax +358 (0)16 354160/ tel +358 (0)400 176792
e-mail: anitta.jaakola(a)

When You have made the registration we will confirm it to You.
To provide all necessary services we can take to each group maximum 100 skiers.
There will be 4 groups.
Skiers letter we will send begin of January 2016.

Registration fee, 100 €,  need to pay immediately.
Rest of the payment, 990 €, need to be payed until 6.2.2017.

Total payment 2017 is 1 090 euro.

 Postal code and City  
 Which skiing group you want to be in? RR1, RR2, RR3, RR4?  
 How many times you have been taking part to this event earlier?