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Travelling in Finland and arrival to Kuusamo

Q: I wonder if there in transportation to the international camp and course centre of Oivanki or do I need to take a taxi? Is there possibility to have dinner in the Oivanki?
A: There are transportation for bigger groups. If there is the lift waiting, you will regognize it from the yellow Rajalta Rajalle –sign.Otherwise you can take the taxi. The distance from the airport to Oivanki is about 16 km. In Oivanki there is a dinner for the skiers from 16.00 to 19.30 and an information meeting for everybody at 20.00. After the info-meeting there will be evening snack. Remember tell your arrival information (date, time, is it bus or flight etc.) to the Rajalta Rajalle –hiihto office.

Q: We will arrive to Helsinki and all the flights to Kuusamo are very expensive. Do we have another alternatives to go to Kuusamo, maybe by train, or by bus, etc.?
A: When you come to Helsinki, you can take the train to Oulu and from Oulu you can take the Express Bus to Kuusamo. Look the links on right for the timetable.

Q: I have a departure flight from Oulu airport at 11.15. What time do I need to be at the airport? I would like to go to Oulu by your bus from Tornio.
A: You need to be at the Oulu airport atleast 10.30 if flight is 11.15. Our bus from Tornio leaves at 7.45, so we will be in Oulu at 10.00 and you can catch your flight.

Q: Finally we will take the train to go from Helsinki to Oulu (and bus from Oulu to Kuusamo), and the train again to go back from Oulu to Helsinki. What time does your RR bus arrive to Oulu? We wanted to make the reservation for the train from Oulu to Helsinki, and it is important to know the hour.
A: It takes about 2 hours to drive from Tornio to Oulu (look the answer above). You can book your train approximately from 11.00 because we will first take the people to the Oulu airport.

Q: Our scheduled return flight to Helsinki departs from Kuusamo at 14.05. Will the bus from Tornio arrive in time to Kuusamo to catch that flight?
A: Yes it will.

Q: To come back to Helsinki we have the possibility to take a flight from Oulu Airport at 6.30 am. Is it possible?
A: If you take so early flight from Oulu you can’t use our RR bus because it leaves from Tornio at 7.45 am. Perhaps only way to go to Oulu is by taxi, if you don’t go there already on the previous evening by bus or by train. You can check the bus and train timetable from the links on right.

Q: To come back to Helsinki we have the possibility to take a flight from Kemi Airport at 6.05 am. Is it possible?
A: If you take so early flight from Kemi you can’t use our RR bus because it leaves from Tornio at 7.45 am. But at the Tornio city hotel there is an airport taxi which you can take 5.00 am and it will catch the flight.


Q: Would it be OK if I just make my event payment to you by email and Visa card?
A: No, that is not possible anymore..

Q: If I cancel my registration now or I can’t take part the event finally, how much does it cost?
A: - If you cancel after paying the advance payment (100 e), our office has to charge 50 euros office fee.
- If you cancel after paying the whole payment (begin of February), we will charge 50% cancellation fee from the whole payment and return rest only if you have doctor's certificate.

Q: What are the IBAN and SWIFT code?
A: Nordea Bank, Ranua 199730 - 1047, The holder of the account is the municipality of Ranua (Ranuan kunta)
IBAN: FI 781 997 300 000 1047

Services (accommodation, food, etc.):

Q: I’m vegetarian and my husband has the lactose intolerance. Do you have special food for us?
A: Yes. As long as you inform us beforehand about your diets, we will make sure you have right food. All allergies and diets must be told beforehand to RR office. Remember to ask your diet food at the accomommodation places.

Q: When do we get the information about the skiing week?
A: Skiers will receive an information letter from RR office in the end of January.

Q: What about the winter in Finland? How is the weather during the skiing week?
A: Winters in Finland varies a lot from year to year. It can be sunny or snowing and temperature can vary from –30c to +3c. Weather can vary even during the week and the day. Mornings can be very cold (-20c) and during the day it can be a lot warmer (-5c). You can check the weather in Lapland beforehand from the links on right.

Q: Do I have any change to go to shop during the week?
A: Only in the Ranua (5th day) there are shops and other services near by the accommodation place. In the Ranua there is also possibility to go to pharmasy. BUT in all groups there is a bus guide who can go to shop for you if you need wax, bandaids etc. Just remember tell that enough beforehand.

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