"From Border to Border" is 440 km long guided ski tour from Russian border to Swedish border, which follows a route near the Arctic Circle. In total there are 7 days of skiing and daytrip distances vary between 44 - 78 km. Skiing event is skiied in a classical cross-county style. The event is very international and its popularity grows every year. There are participants coming from all over the world. Every year skiers come to Lapland especially from central Europe and North-America. Sometimes there are also skiers from more distant and exotic countries.

Skiers’ age varies a lot, from 20 to 75 years, and so does their athletic background, skiing skills and experience. There are people who keep them self fit, exercise and are very commited to skiing ,and then there are also people who are skiing just for fun, or even for the very first time. Among the participants there are many of those who are taking part in the skiing event for the first time, but there are also skiers who have became addicted in RR (Rajalta Rajalle). Year after year the same people come to admire the beautiful, clean and quiet spring time nature and to share the unforgettable skiing week together with other friends of skiing spiced by different cultures.



Kuusamo is the starting place for the skiing. The get-together day is the day before the skiing starts (RR1 on Wednesday, RR2 on Thursday, RR3 on Friday and RR4 on Saturday). The exact meeting place in Kuusamo is The International camp and course centre of Oivanki.


There will be a bus available and it will follow the skiiers the whole week. It is possible to leave there all the extra equipment you don’t need when skiing. At least once a day during the skiing the bus will be available for the skiiers. The return transportation will start from Tornio (RR1 on Thursday, RR2 on Friday, RR3 on Saturday, RR 4 on Sunday) at 07.45 am. The bus route will be: Kemi railwaystation - Kemi airport - Oulu - Kuusamo.

The departure flights are possible to take after 9.00 am from Kemi, after 11.00 am from Oulu
and after 01.30 pm from Kuusamo

There are 2-7 service places beside the skiing route. You can drink and eat at these places, so you don’t need to carry lots of snacks with you. There will be dinner, evening snack, breakfast and a snack table in the lodgings. Every lodging has a Finnish sauna. In Tornio, where the goal is, you can besides the sauna also use the swimming hall. The snowmobile will follow the last skiier within hearing.


It is necessary that the skiiers use normal, narrow skis, because the skiing track has been made by machine from the starting place to the goal. The bus will transport your extra skis and ski-sticks. For the overnight stayings a sleeping bag or a blanket is necessary. It is very important to have enough clothes, because the drying of the clothes is a slight problem. At schools participants sleep at the floor. The matresses are provided by the organizers.

The price of the whole trip, including board and lodging. With this fee every participants will get these services and prizes: The participation fee, all meals, saunas, lodgings, transportation during the skiing, a relief and a diploma of participation in this skiing event. In addition to these, the skiiers who take part for the first time, will get a special woollen skiing cap and a medal, both made for this particular skiing event.

The office of this skiing event is situated in Ranua. The address is Rajalta Rajalle -hiihto, Aapiskuja 6 B, FIN-97700 RANUA, tel. +358 (0)400 176792, fax +358 (0)16 354160 and e-mail: anitta.jaakola@ranua.fi.

For more information look the often asked or contact the RR-office:

Rajalta Rajalle –hiihto INFO
Ranuan Kunta c/o Anitta Jaakola
gsm: +358 (0) 400 176792
fax: + 358 (0) 354160
sähköposti: anitta.jaakola(a)ranua.fi

Here you can see the day trips and lodging information.